Loyal Rottweiler Copies Everything Her Baby Sister Does (Video)

Recently, Zara the Rottweiler received the exciting news that she was becoming a big sister. Not too long afterwards, Gia the baby came along and brought with her some significant changes to Zara’s life. Now, not the only princess of the house, she quickly bonded to her new sibling. Her owners’ say that she just knew how to protect Gia, from the beginning. Family is beautiful!

In this awwdorable video we see their bond grow and deepen. Zara and Gia do everything together! When Gia began eating solid foods, she always made sure to share with her dear sister Zara. Gia shares everything with Zara, even her toys! We think it is such a beautiful experience to grow up with a loyal doggo companion, Gia and Zara are so lucky to have each other!