Man and Child Get Stuck Dangling Above Pool of Alligators

A man and a child are counting their lucky stars after a trip to an alligator-themed amusement park turned frightening when the pair became trapped in the company of alligators.
The incident occurred Thursday at Gatorland theme park in Orlando.
According to WESH, the boy and the adult were on the zip line ride when they became stuck in the middle dangling 40 feet above a pool of alligators.
A video posted to Facebook shows a man holding a child and the harness as workers attempted to reel the two back to the safety of the tower.
The manager of the park spoke to WESH and told them that the thrill seekers were not in danger at any point and that ” this sort of thing happens quite often.” He says his staffers are specifically trained to handle situations like this and that wind conditions were to blame for the pair slowing to a stop.
The manager did, however, admit that the pair was stuck about 10 minutes longer than most people because of their weight.


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