Man Builds 'Cat Prison' So His Cats Can Have 'Freedom' And Goes Viral

If you are someone who has a cat, then you have probably wondered in the past about whether or not you should let them go outside. Heck, there’s a whole debate about whether indoor cats should be let outside. You know it can be dangerous, so you try to come up with safe solutions for your outdoors-loving cat, but it’s not easy. Still, some of us are dedicated enough to actually build a space outside for our cats, and this person is one of them. 

He calls his ‘cat prison’ AlCatRaz, and to be honest, we’re kind of obsessed. It’s just that we have seen the hissterical shenanigans of taking cats on a walk, and we have seen priceless indoor cat reactions to going outside for the first time, and heck- but we want our cats to experience it too! Lounging outside in the sun, playing with bugs- that sounds like a pawnderful life! So, honestly, we’re thankful for this man for sharing his creation. It’s purrfect.