Meowy Me: Cats And Purrposals

cats love valentines day proposals cute aww adorable animals proposal | cute cat with round face and big orange eyes wearing a red bow tie around its neck and sitting at a table lit by candlelight next to an open ring box and a heart shaped card that reads Will marry? cream colored cat with dark ears and nose looking over its shoulder while wearing a grey shirt that says "will you marry me?" on the back

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

What better way to celebrate the day of love than with proposals…featuring cats! 

Honestly, if you propose with a ring, that’s great and all BUT if you propose with a cat — that’s a heckin’ win. Because who in their right mind can saw no to that? Not us (and not anyone sane, for that matter). 

Here are some adorable meowiage purrposals: 

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