Miramar HOA pays $5 Million After Woman Bitten by Snake Loses Leg

A pricey snake bite cost a Miramar woman her leg and her HOA $5 million for not responding to the reptilian threat.

The Silver Shores resident was walking outside when a water moccasin hiding in the track of her sliding glass door bit her big toe.

The 37-year-old victim’s leg eventually had to be amputated below the knee as a result, the attorneys said.

Silver Shores HOA is located just west of Interstate 75 on Pembroke Road.

Alex Belo lives on the water and said he is afraid to go outside because of the snake situation behind his home.

UF researchers surveyed the area and found 69 venomous snakes during their three visits.

“The study done by the University of Florida, to me, was incredibly revealing,” Ron Magill, of Zoo Miami, said.

Magill was an expert witness in a case filed against Silver Shores Master Association and KW Property Management after a resident was bitten.

“People definitely need to be careful of this now. Snakes are coming out now, especially with the rains,” Magill said.

Attorney Brent Reitman and partner Joseph Slama reached a $5 million settlement with the HOA and the property management company.

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