Mischievous Trouble-Maker Cats Caught Doing The Exact Things They Are Not Allowed To Do

Hey pals, we’re not telling you anything new here, but cats are known for being absolute hooligans, mischief-makers, destroyers of things, and sweethearts. They are indeed all of these things. Today we have compiled together for you a series of mischievous trouble maker cats caught on camera doing the exact things that they know they are not allowed to do. Why do they do it? Because they can. We humans will continue worshipping them regardless. And don’t they know it! 

Go ahead and feast your eyes on this delightful array of cats next to their handiwork, as you’ll notice, there is no shame whatsoever to be found in these cute feline faces. It’s no secret that cats are jerks, but they are jerks that we crazy cat people love unconditionally. And them being jerks only makes us appreciate them more. These bundles of shenanigans and personality are ours, and we love ’em as they are. Life would be so boring without our floofy lil jerks, so we appreciate every one of their shenanigans