Mother calls police on son who wouldn’t wake up for school

A Michigan mother is making headlines after calling the police on her son after he refused to wake up for school.

Crystal Towns said she’d had enough with the morning struggle of waking her son up for school in the morning.

“I woke him up. He thought he was just going to not go and I said ‘nope you’re learning today boy,” Towns told reporters.

Town’s struggled to wake her son up before grabbing her phone and calling a school resource officer with Grand Blanc Township Police Department who came to the family home and met her son at the door.

“I called the officer’s cell phone, and he answered, and he came and got him, came to the door, knocked then told him “I’m here to take you to school and you are riding in the back seat,” and they left,” said Towns.

Towns hope is that the situation will serve as a lesson for her son
and others to wake up and go to school.

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