Multiple Ragdoll Cats In Multiple Cardboard Boxes (Video)

Welcome to Ragdoll heaven! We obviously adore every single cat breed out there, and once in a while, we do like to shine the spotlight on certain cats

Meet the eleven ragdolls who star in this video: Julien, Chloé, Lucas, Amber, Manon, Nanna, Gemma, Gucci, Guselle, Goofy, and Google! Fact, all cats are adorable. Fact, cats adore cardboard boxes. The only thing we can take from all these ragdolls enjoying their own individual cardboard box is that this is what heaven must look like. Get yourself ready for some major ragdoll cuteness, because it’s here in a megadose and there’s no stopping them from invading our hearts.

Submitted by: (via 랙돌열한스푼)

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