New Ad Encourages Cats' Curiosity And Indoor Play With "Curiosity Boxes"

Any cat owner knows that no matter what you order online, as long as the item comes in a box, the fun is guaranteed. 

Our curious furry friends can turn any cardboard box into total play. 

With that in mind, the new campaign by the Brazilian ad agency, AlmapBBDO, presents the Curiosity Boxes! 

In a partnership with Petlove, Brazil’s number-one online pet supplies shop, customers get a free Curiosity Box with a purchase of 40 single pouches. Each box will turn into a rocket, airplane, or submarine. Tutors can follow on-box setup instructions and readily start the cat play.

“Cats are ever curious. They love exploring new places and an empty box is full of possibilities. This inspired the team to think of giving a plain cardboard box a new twist, turning it into a playful object. That’s how an online WHISKAS® buy becomes an even more rewarding experience to cats”, says Marcelo Nogueira, ECD at AlmapBBDO.

What a brilliant idea! 

1. Let your cat be a pilot

Product - 000 CAT 09

2. Or maybe an astronaut?

Pink - ..... CATS C-09 ror

3. And what about going under with this cute submarine?

Pink - petieve t ............ lululutulutulutu


Pink - ..... ... CAT 09

5. Untitled

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