10 thoughts on “Nice Jewish Guy – Available Now!

  1. I’m not happy with this new format. I miss Rich in the morning. Fix the technical problems that this radio show has had for the longest time. Maybe its time for me to find a new talk station. I’ll see what develops down the road. Bring Rich Stevens back to his regular time.

    • Herman Cain. Herman Cain. Really? Wow.
      Not only has WFTL’s broadcast sucked for the longest although claiming to be the best news signal in south Florida, but now an even sharper turn to the right to cancel Rich Steven’s show and replace it with Herman Cain.

      Excellent job WFTL. Way to look out for south Florida.

  2. did rich leave because he was fired or because his mom is sick and he is taking care of her, if he was fired will rich and barskey be doing a show together?

    • I don’t believe he was fired beause he is still on in the morning with Karen Curtis. For some insane reason, his hours were cut. As I said before, there are technical problems with this station, where the station cuts in and out. It’s definitely NOT due to the weather. How come this is not a issue. I’m not happy with losing Rich in the morning, and eventually I’ll leave this station for good, if Rich is not back to his morning hours.

  3. I am hoping that this is a temporary thing I look forward to Rich’s show. In New York there is so much more to listen to. That is why I like to hear Rich PLEASE tell me he will be back on a 9am to 12 If anything, you should take off that Joyce Kaufman. I used to listen to her ,but now I can’t even stand to hear her voice Including the commercials she does As soon as I hear her I switch to WZZR, all she does is complain and her show SUCKS!! Take her off not RICH!!

  4. What happened to Rich Stevens show? He was downgraded to 2 hours just reciting the news. The signal sucks. Another station here we go.

  5. The Rich Stevens show (not his real name) is so vanilla ice cream. He has no substance or Talent. Not to mention he should come out of closet already. I’m glad he’s off the air.
    And Herman Cain? Give me a break!
    WFTL is such a bush league station with all the dead air they have. I’ll go back to sports talk. At l least they have “Professional Talent” and a signal.

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