NYPD Documentary Needs You

Rich Stevens ShowThis is the story we talked about on the show called Every 58 Hours…

Every 58 Hours is a documentary that will portray the alarming statistic that a Police Officer/Law Enforcement Officer is killed In The Line of Duty on the average of every 58 hours somewhere in The United States.

In 2014 that number reached 116.

The documentary will raise that awareness of Law Enforcement’s value and how much officers risk their lives and die in order to keep the citizens of the communities they serve safe from natural disaster, crime and terrorism.

Their relevance to their cities has been lost due to several reasons, both on the citizen’s side and in the cops’ side.

We will explore the process through which a man/woman goes through when trying for a career in law enforcement.

Throughout the entire documentary we will present facts but with the main goal of determining how this real situation impacts American society.

The documentary will be rated PG-13 but will have descriptions and images of extreme violence as to what has become reality Police Officers, whose stories will reenacted.

Please help Joe make this a reality…

Here is the link to help, and really ANY amount will be appreciated…

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