Officers Fired After Using Coin Toss App to Decide Arrest

Two police officers in Georgia are now without a job after bodycam footage shows them using a coin toss to decide whether they would arrest a woman or not.

The incident occurred in Roswell back in April of this year.

According to the report, Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were terminated from their positions Thursday following an internal investigation into the arrest of Sarah Webb.

In the bodycam footage, both Brown and Wilson pulled over Webb as part of a traffic stop. Brown is heard asking Webb if she knew how fast she was going “The ground is wet and it’s been raining and you’re going over 80 miles an hour on this type of a road. That’s reckless driving,” Brown said.

Brown then returned to her police cruiser where she asked Wilson whether she should arrest Webb or just give her a ticket.

Wilson then responds with “What do you think?”

Brown said that her cruiser “didn’t have speed detection,” however, Wilson suggests that her bodycam would have recorded how fast they were going to pull over Webb.

Brown then suggest that they use the coin app on her phone to decide whether or not they would arrest Webb or just give her a ticket.

Eventually, the officers decide on making the arrest.

Police Chief Rusty Grant wrote in the termination letters that the officers were being fired because they failed “to perform at an acceptable level.”

Charges against Webb were also dropped after news of the incident was made public by a new station.  Webb also advocated for the two officers to be fired.


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