Panda Rolls Around To Get Nanny's Attention (Video)

How are pandas so ridiculously cute ALL the time? Seriously, everything we’ve ever seen a panda do is either adorable, ridiculous, or both! Most of the time it’s both. They are just ridiculously cute. Pandas act as if they are little toddlers dressed up in a bear suit and we will always watch everything shenanigans they get themselves into! 

Panda nannies are living the life dealing with those fluffy drunken toddlers. Did you know it’s a real professional and one where you make 32 a year? Oh, plus meals and transit, and accommodations. Oh, and you’re also required to send 365 days with pandas. Talk about a dream!

This panda, named Shuang Shuang is rolling around in an attempt to grab his nanny’s attention! We know it certainly grabbed ours! 

Submitted by: (via Giant Panda World)

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