Passenger Is Asked To Downgrade To Economy To Accommodate A Service Dog

Airline travel can be the worst, especially when unexpected events go wrong. This is unfortunately what happened on this flight, when a woman with a service dog was given a seat next to a passenger with a different dog who was not a trained service dog. The other dog began to try to interact with the service dog, which made passengers uncomfortable. A flight attendant on the plane then decided to move the passenger with the service dog, but no other seats had been allocated for this. So what happened? Well, the flight attendant attempted to convince a passenger riding in first class to move to economy, and a lot of drama ensued.

Before we read any further, we would like to remind everyone about the important of service dogs. Service dogs are both a tool and an accommodation that some disabled people need, and they go through very intensive training to ensure that they can help their humans in any situation. If you want to learn more about service dogs, you can read a piece we wrote called learning more about service dogs with human and service dog duo: Jack and Alison.