Person Straps Camera To A Friendly Chatty Kitty: Experiencing A Cat's Day (Video)

As cat owners, we always find ourselves wondering… what do our cats truly do when we’re not home? What do our cats truly do when we’re sleeping? What do our cats truly do in their litter boxes and why do they come rushing out there sometimes like their butts are on fire? Well, some people took it upon themselves to find out. 

One person set up a camera for a night and saw what cats (and a dog) do in the middle of the night. Another man who kept oversleeping his alarm set up a camera to find out if the cat had anything to do with it. Spoiler: the cat is totally to blame. Another couple set up a camera and caught something incredibly unexpected: their cat cuddling their anxious dog every day. But the person in the video that you’re about to see took things to a whole other level and set up a camera on a super friendly and chatty kitty and just let said kitty roam around all day. Today, we’re getting to find out what a street cat does all day long, people, prepare yourselves.