Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 images)

Holy moly, people, this week is never going to end. How is it that only half of it has passed, and we are already ready to pass out? We have given it our best, as we do every week, but we’re running out of energy. We need a boost, and we need it right now. Lucky us (and you) because it’s time for this week’s collection of animal pictures worth 1000 words. 

Each one of these pictures is special in its own way. Each one of them holds a story within it – the funny animal pictures that we cannot help but snort at, the beautiful animal pictures that remind us just how amazing nature is, and the unexpected animal pictures that were caught at just the right moment. Each of them has the potential of inspiring you and giving you the energy that you need to get through the rest of this week. 

So please, enjoy, be inspired, and get through this week as strong as you possibly can!