Possible Recount in West Palm Beach Mayoral Race

Commissioner and attorney Keith James proclaims he is the new Mayor of West Palm Beach beating fellow commissioner Paula Ryan, but there may be a recount.

Apparent West Palm Beach Mayor-elect Keith James did not garner 50.5% of the vote he need to win outright. Instead, he got 50.3% so there may be an automatic recount which will be decided tomorrow. Recount or not, newly elected James will join Jen and Bill in studio tomorrow morning at 9 to talk about his future plans for West Palm Beach.
James polled 50.38 percent to Ryan’s 28.84.

If after that recount, the margin above 50 percent would narrow to below .25 percent, then there would be a hand recount of the ballots. Should James’ vote total then fall below 50 percent, the city would hold a runoff contest between James and Ryan. Both candidates issued statements late Wednesday, indicating their desires to see every vote counted.

I want every vote in the West Palm Beach Mayor’s election to count. I fully support the recount process that is being initiated. The election results show we received over half the votes, and that I had twice as many votes as my two opponents. I do not expect the outcome of this election to change as a result of the recount. We are prepared for the run-off election, if needed. Meanwhile, until the recount results are verified, I will continue working on my transition plan as mayor-elect based on the current vote tally.

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