PR Governor Swings at Trump for “Bullying”

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello took jabs at President Trump regarding federal assistance during a visit to South Florida on Friday, one day after making a TV appearance on the topic.

On Thursday, Rossello told CNN that Puerto Ricans are not receiving the help they need following 2017’s Hurricane Maria, and that it is time to “punch the bully in the mouth,” an apparent reference to Trump.

While speaking with reporters in Miami on Friday, the governor clarified that his TV comment “was a metaphor to…stop unfair treatment, as if we were second-class citizens.”

He added that he would rather trades ideas than blows with the President, and that his people continue being “abused.” Rossello says his message to Trump is, “Let’s stop the insults and the attacks. We are not your political opponents. We are his American citizens.”

Trump has previously stated that he “has taken care of Puerto Rico better than any other man.”

According to Rossello, “I wish we could say that, but the truth is that now Puerto Rico has many needs. All I can assume is that they are advising [Trump] wrong.”

Before arriving in South Florida, Rossello met with Washington legislators to discuss possible statehood for Puerto Rico.

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