Pregnant woman served cleaning solution instead of latte at McDonald’s

A woman who is 8-months pregnant was served a cleaning solution instead of the latte she ordered at a Canadian McDonald’s over the weekend.

Sarah Douglas and her children made a routine stop at the drive-thru of the popular franchise Sunday morning where she purchased the latte.

Douglas told Global News she instantly knew something was wrong as soon as she took the first sip of the drink.

“I had no idea what I was drinking,”  Douglas told reporters. “I just knew it wasn’t coffee and it tasted like chemical.”

The mother of three immediately turned on the hazard lights of her vehicle, pulled into a ditch and spit the drink out.

As she attempted to wash the unknown substance out of her mouth, she became concerned that she’d put her unborn baby at risk.

Douglas returned to the McDonald’s to find out what she’d ingested.

She then phoned poison control after meeting with a supervisor and employee of the establishment.

Dan Brown, the franchise owner, issued this statement to Global News following the incident explaining that the machine which produces the McDonald’s latte was being cleaned and “unfortunately,” the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while Douglas’s drink was made.

Brown’s statement also read that the establishment’s team has been in “very close contact” with Douglas and personally apologized to her.

However, told reporters that she has only heard from one local manager from the McDonald’s and has yet to be contacted by the owner or anyone at the corporate level.

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