Rock Of Ages, The Trailer!

You may recall it was this time last year they were shutting down streets here in Ft Lauderdale, you may recall all of a sudden driving on the turnpike in Pompano and suddenly seeing that huge Hollywood sign… It was all part of movie makers coming here to make South Florida look exactly like Hollywood, California…you see it could actually be done here for a lot less money, so they did it. The movie is called Rock Of Age, it stars Tom Crusie, Alec Baldwin and several other big names and it will hit theaters on June 15th, the problem is they made the sets so real you may not recognize some of your fav Ft Lauderdale spots, I was on the set several times and I knew back then it looked good, wait till you see it now on film… take a couple mins to watch the trailer to see if you recognize these spots, remember it was ALL shot on location right here in South Florida…

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