Splendid Sphynx Cats That Totally Don't Look Like Angry Old Men

There’s something about sphynx cats, also known as wrinkly baby yodas. These big-eared cats that have virtually no hair are famous for being affectionate, loving, and well, a bit weird (in a good way).  As we’ve said before, these furless felines are hairless and workin’ it. Some haters might say that sphynx cats look like tiny terrifying goblins, angry old men, plucked chickens, albino bats, etc. But we say that these adorable bald babies are the perfect mixture of creepy and cute and deserve all the love in the world!

Whether you’ve never seen a sphynx cat before and clicked out of fascination, or you’re very knowledgeable about this breed and just want to see your weekly dose of fascinating sphynx cuteness, we guarantee that we’ve got everyone covered with these photos. So sit back, relax, and take in the… ahem… interesting appearances of these fourteen adorable kitties.