Stoneman Douglas Survivor’s Parents Receives Death Threats

The mother of one of the outspoken survivors of the Stoneman Douglas high school massacre is alleging that she has been receiving death threats after her son was misidentified as a crisis actor.

The controversy started when David Hogg and several other students from the high school began making several media appearances calling for gun control after the February 14th shooting that left 17 of their classmates dead. A report claimed that Hogg and his fellow classmates were not actually students of the school, but paid actors who travel to areas of crisis and who are coached to speak to the media.

Despite evidence that Hogg is a student of Stoneman Douglas, his mother says she has been receiving several death threats and she isn’t the only one. New reports detail that several Stoneman Douglas students who have been featured in the media are now receiving death threats from NRA supporters due to their views on gun control according to the Washington Post.




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