Stranger Returns Lost Wallet with Extra Money

Christmas came early for one South Dakota man, thanks to a complete stranger.

Hunter Shamatt was headed to Las Vegas to attend his sister’s wedding, when he realized that he left his wallet on the plane. He says, “I noticed that I was missing my wallet, which had $60 in cash and a check for about $400 in it.”

A few days later and out of the blue, Shamatt received a package that contained his wallet and a letter. It read, “Hunter, found this on the Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver, row 12, seat F, wedged between the seat and the wall. Thought you might want it back.” The letter was simply and anonymously signed with the initials, “TB.”

It continued, “I rounded your cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate having your wallet back. Have fun.”

Shamatt says, “It really meant a lot that he would go out of his way and do that for a complete stranger. I’m still paying off school loans and I got truck loans to pay off, so it really does help out.”

He and his family were able to track down the good samaritan, now known simply as “Todd,” using the initials and return address.

Shamatt adds, “I think that it goes to show that there’s more good out there than there is evil, because this was just a random guy on the street. Shows that there are still good people out there.”

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