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Man’s Plan to Stop Thief Backfires

A Florida man fed up with a suspected mail thief decided it was time to get even. 63-year-old Nicholas Dibble decided the best way to catch the thief, was by setting a mousetrap on the inside of his mailbox. Unfortunately Dibble underestimated the amount of people who actually needed access to his mail box.

Instead of catching a thief , the homeowner caught 37-year-old Postal worker, Cynthia Humphreys-Smith who was trying to retrieve his outgoing mail. According to the postal office, when Smith went to grab the mail the mousetrap snapped shut on her fingers. The mail carrier was kind enough not to press charges against Dibble, however, the postal office has decided that it’s employees will no longer deliver mail to his home.  At least now Dibble no longer has to worry about anyone stealing his mail..

The post Man’s Plan to Stop Thief Backfires appeared first on 850 WFTL.

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