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80-Year-Old Runs Circles Around Others

How’s this for some inspiration?

An 80-year-old woman in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, used her time in retirement to keep running, literally, past the competition.

Heide Moebius says that if there is a race to be run, she has most likely already been in it, and finished at or near the front.

She adds, “I just enjoy moving successfully, and then (to) start winning races, it makes it even more exciting.”

Moebius recently placed second in the 75-plus age group at the Athens Marathon in Greece, just one day following her 80th birthday. Athens was her 10th and final marathon.

Moebius says, “It seemed like the perfect end to a long running career, in a way,”

Her husband and coach, Richard, explains, “In the 714 races that she did run, her batting average was 88 percent.”

Moebius plans to run races, including half marathons, in the future.

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