Surgery Live on Periscope


RICH STEVENS says he’ll be the first to broadcast a hair transplant procedure — his own — on PERISCOPE.  STEVENS, who has recently gone through a heart procedure, weight loss, and even teeth whitening, is undergoing the six hour hair transplant surgery by Dr. GLENN CHARLES in BOCA RATON on FRIDAY (10/30), and he’ll be sending a video stream out on the PERISCOPE app.

“We live in a social media world and why not go for something like this now that we have the technology,” asked Dr. CHARLES.

STEVENS added, “Of course I am nervous but maybe with the cameras in front of me it will make me more at ease, or, it could also show that I am a big chicken!  …Which I can always blame on the anesthesia…

To watch the live broadcast follow DRGLENNCHARLES on Periscope

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