Target Credit Monitoring

Rich Stevens ShowIf you shopped at Target you may have had your info hacked…

Why not take advantage of the credit monitoring offer they have, at no charge for a year…

I have done extensive research on this to make sure it is not just another scam, and it is safe…

I already signed up for it too:)

Here is the link

3 thoughts on “Target Credit Monitoring

  1. Yes Rich I can concur that it is not a SCAM and that it is 100% from TARGET and is SAFE. It is another measure that they are taking to make their customers feel good that another data breach will not occur because NOW they have everything LOCKED down. I just signed up for me and my husband and it is just FABULOUS to have all your own information at your fingertips….especially the ability to validate your own current debt/mortgage and loans. I want to THANK Target for providing this tool to & for many consumers who otherwise may not be able to afford such protection. Kudos to TARGET!!!

  2. Toda,Friday u mentioned site that we can go on to get a $200 credit from Target. I checked you site and the Target site and can’t find the link . Please give us the info again. I am a 73 year old woman that luvs u on the radio .

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