Teen Kills Girlfriend’s Dog Because she did not Come Home on Time

Authorities have arrested a 19-year-old man who reportedly killed his 16-year-old girlfriend’s dog because she did not come home on time.

The incident occurred earlier this week in North Lauderdale.

According to the report, Lawrence Graham began texting his girlfriend, requesting that she come home. At one point he began threatening the teen saying if she was not home by 10:30 pm he was going to kill the 1-year-old puppy he bought her last year.

“U got til 1030 if u not here by then I swear 4 God I’ll finnish Jordan off,” the Graham reportedly texted.

When his girlfriend did not arrive home, Graham then reportedly kicked and choked the dog and then put its body in a bag while it was still alive.

“He then placed the dog next to the front door with a towel over it, flowers next to the dog, with the dog’s collar, and a note that read, ‘Coulda made it RIP Jordan,’” the report said.

After he texted his girlfriend saying if she really loved the dog, she would have made it home in time to save him.

Graham has since been arrested and is facing several charges of animal cruelty.

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