The Big Fall TV Season Starts

The big hoopla was NOT what it was set up to be tonite… surprised?

I wasn’t! The TV networks sucked us in to watch and we did, at 8pm easy decision of course DWTS, but at 9 what to do… My guess was that they knew people would switch over to CBS to watch how Charlie died on Two and a Half Men, and that’s what i did, the show started out pretty good, and then 13 mins into the show Ashton made his first appearance and I waited, and waited… it just didn’t recover back to where the first 13 mins, which again I thought was done really well, started! I switched back to DWST before Two & a Half Men was even close to being over…

Now as far as DWTS, the dancers do most of the dancing while the so called stars try to keep up, nothing new right? The entire Chaz thing was saved for the very end of the show as I predicted, and he wasn’t that bad a dancer, and his mom Cher was not in the audience, doesn’t that say a lot?

The thing that is different this season is one couple will leave the show tomor night, I can tell you one thing it will not be Chaz, or JR… They both will get the sympathy vote of course. Nancy Grace makes me want to puke, she should stay behind the desk on her TV show, seeing her in that glitter really made me want to vomit, and I think it was her hairstyle that made her look so different or her nose got bigger or something, just was not needed on DWTS…

What did you think?


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