The Root Canal

I went to the dentist in March, he tells me I need a root canal… Those words even as I type them send chills thru my body. Fast forward to last week, must get it done as my dental insurance is changing and I don’t want to lose out on the money that will pay for most of this procedure. So Friday,  I called and made an appointment to get my first (and hopefully) last root canal. The appointment was set for today at 3pm… I didn’t sleep well last night, this morning during the show I was feeling light headed very uneasy and while driving to the dentist I was starting to seriously panic. As I pulled up to the medical building there weren’t any visitor spots open, was this a sign? Should I just turn around and not do it? I knew that would not be an option, so i waited for a spot and there it was, right in front of me a woman was walking to her car and she says to me, its all yours good luck… WTF, why was she wishing me good luck? Did she read my face and just assume? Or was it that she just figured I was headed into a medical building… In ether case at this point everything around me was weird, I felt like I was going to pass out, but if I could just get to the office and try to close my eyes and relax it would be over in twenty minutes as so many told me on air… As I was filling out all the paper work and reading all the warnings and agreements it of course scared me even more, (remember, I admitted on the show I am a big baby when it comes to the dentist) so stop laughing at me…

OK, big finale… 3 1/2  hours later here I am sitting at my desk, root canal is over and the dentist was by far the nicest ever,.he was patient with me, I felt zero pain and although it took a lot longer than I thought, I am very glad it is over! Now I am waiting for the numbness to wear off so I can have something to eat which I have not been able to do last couple of days as I was just to nervous!

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