Three-Legged Senior Cat That Has Cancer Celebrates 13th B-day (Viral Thread)

Happy birthday, Goober! Goober is turning 13, and we are so in love with him. He has gone through so much –  chronic sinusitis, losing a leg to cancer and growing a tumor in another leg. He has stayed strong the whole way through, and we are so dang proud of him. He’s doing okay, surrounded by people who love him, and he is such a brave survivor, all we want is to give him treats and love. 

Thank you to ReluctantGenius for sharing his story with us. We as well as the rest of the internet are more than happy to show some love to this adorable little senior furball. We hope he gets to live for a long, long time and enjoy every single minute of his life. 

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1. “Goober is 13! This is Goober.”


2. “We had to stop visiting people when we moved to Egypt last year.”

Cat - Therapy Cat Goober PET YHUMANE VIP

3. “We’re back in the U.S. but Covid and her health have kept us from getting back into pet therapy. This winter has been really bad for her chronic sinusitis. If only she could blow her nose, she’d be a lot more comfortable…”


4. “Goober enjoys supervised outdoor time.”


5. “She was raised with greyhounds, Donovan and Butter. Sadly, they crossed the bridge in 2016 and 2017.”


6. “This brick doubles as a cat bed.”


7. “Sitting in front of the door is not as good as being outside.”


8. “Goober loves to nap in a lap.”


9. “She lost a front leg to cancer in 2017 and I found a similar tumor in her other front leg. Thankfully, it’s not growing as fast and doesn’t seem to bother her as much as the first one.”


10. “She likes to give me kisses on my nose…and then bite.”


11. “Happy birthday Goobs!”


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