Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#124)

Welcome back, fellow animal lovers! And you’re right on time for your prescription refill on cuteness, which is always nice to see!

Once a week, we search through the interwebs and pick out the absolute cutest and most viral animal pics and vids currently dominating the web. It’s never disappointing. How can it be? Animal pics and vids are always the cutest things on the internet and more often than not, the only things that make us feel all happy inside.

A weekly dose of cuteness is an essential part of one’s diet and we’re just here to help you get your weekly dose of serotonin to get you through another week!

1. “Baby elephants waiting for their mom”


2. “Same energy”


3. “Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval”


4. “Grow big and strong little guy”

5. “bunny enjoying his new bed”

6. “Marinating the chicken”

7. “Losing the limb game is not an option.”

8. “auto-leveling meerkat”

9. “How to make a puppy”

10. “Someone is jealous.”

11. “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe”

12. “A sleepy red panda for your troubles”

13. “The secret to a full and healthy beard”

14. “Sleepo Beepo”


15. “Look at this mother Quokka enjoying her leaf!”


16. “A Fawn resting on a field of flowers.”


17. “Ever seen a fluffy frenchie before?”


18. “It looks like a galaxy”


19. “When you’re dark and spooky but very cute.”


20. “A very polite bee.”


21. “A puppy named Marley with her bunny friend Beau”


22. “Doing Yoga with Downward Facing Doggo”

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