Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#76)

Once a week, your cuteness prescription will always be automatically refilled for your viewing pleasure!

Nothing — and we mean nothing brings on those warm mushy feeling like a huge dose of animal cuteness! We scoured the internet to bring you the cutest animal pictures of the week! Bringing you cuteness every week – stay tuned for next week’s dose! If you missed last week’s dose, and you need a cuteness overload, check out last week’s here.

1. “These squirrels are using the side of this window for part of their nest”


2. “Denver Zoo released footage of a Baby Rhino born on March 26 2020”


3. ” This cat’s ocean eyes”


4. “Capybara Paradise”

5. “Giant Eyed Cheetah”

Terrestrial animal

6. “Why are marble foxes so perfect?”

7. “Cute smiling gecko with her favorite toy.”


8. “Just a crab having his strawberry”

9. “A bun making sure to kiss their human goodnight”

Facial hair

10. “Sea pupper out for a walk”

11. “Friendship goals.”


12. “Keep me warm, friend”

13. “Bubbles”

14. “Best thing about quarantine: I discovered my cat watches the sunrise every morning.”


15. “A fluffy little fella getting a checkup at the vet”

Cheezburger Image 9463242752

16. “Cat sees snowflakes for the first time”

17. “Texas aquarium shows a sloth to the dolphins.”


18. “It’s a wittle birbie”

19. “Quarantined so I decided to foster 6 kittens to keep me company. Best. Decision. Ever.”

20. “A couple of porkers.”

Prairie dog

21. “Kitten has the softest paws”

Cheezburger Image 9463240448

22. “Puppies visit the aquarium”

Cheezburger Image 9463246592

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