Tumblr Thread: Feral Cat Invited Herself In And Never Left

Cats, being relatives of some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, had to have gotten to the point of being house kitties somehow. Self-domestication seems to have been the way they did it- coming in and deciding that it’s better to get pampered by these puny humans than to go through the hardships outside alone. And apparently, this act of domesticating oneself is not a thing of the past.

Everyone, say hi to Ghost, the cat who was born into a feral cat colony, walked into tchaikovsgay‘s life (and house) one day and simply never left. She’s adorable, she had the cutest toof, she loves belly rubs, and we are probably almost as happy as she is for having found her forever home. 


Organism - tchaikovsgay Follow can y'all believe my cat domesticated herself? how wild is that. she was born in a feral cat colony and was like “fuck this shit, I want to be pampered", invited herself inside and never left. now she gets chicken stuck to her lips and screams till I give her belly scratchies




Cat - tchaikovsgay Follow worlds biggest BABY


Font - infiniteanomaly Follow This is how all cats were domesticated... tchaikovsgay Follow Yeah, I know! But normally when we talk about cats domestication of themselves, it's something framed in antiquity. It's really cool that cats still do it!


Organism - goho-m Follow Question: does she meow? Because if so then she was never particularly feral temperament-wise. Cats only meow for humans - it's basically them talking to us like we're dumb as hell. An actual feral cat won't meow because cats just don't meow at each other.


Font - tchaikovsgay She actually didn't start meowing till the last several months! She's my girlfriends childhood cat that we recently took in from her mom, so ghost is about 11.5ish. We talk to her a lot and I think it's made her want to talk back! #ghost being quiet used to be a bragging point #and now she screams all the time #she likes having conversations and thats okay 73,314 notes A


Font - pop-punk-rock-147 Follow Can we have more pictures of cat


Cat - Toof FRATS


Vertebrate - tchaikovsgay now this is just a ghost appreciation post she loves the belly rubs


Comfort - and gives very sweet hugs #and id jump in front of a bus for her 73,314 notes Jan 20th, 2020

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