Twitter Thread: Awwdorable Cats Being Super Responsible

Hoomans with cats, where are youuu? This is your moment to shine, trust us. A new thread on Twitter is showing the most awwdorable cats ever, and the responsible hoomans that keep them safe. After all, raising a cute cat or kitten is not all sunshine, rainbows, and happiness. Sometimes cats can be hissterical hooligans and because all sorts of problems when no one’s paying attention to them. That’s right, raising a cat is hard work!

Luckily the following cats are on their best behavior. Whether they’re simply taking a nap or on a trek with their hoomans in the middle of nature, these cats  know the limits of what their hoomans will tolerate and are behaving very politely. Shocking, I know… So without further ado, we hope you enjoy this super funny Twitter thread about these kitty cats and their awwdorable selves: