Twitter Thread: Choosing To See Cats As Artists Instead Of Mischief Makers

Howdy to all of our friends and viewers near and far! We can always appreciate a little boost of feline humor in the form of cats causing chaos, regardless of day, time, place, state of mind, everything. Cats are simply always relevant. Four legged felines are trouble makers by birth, and if anyone is an expert on how to cause a ruckus it would be your “friendly” neighborhood cat. As much as they are awwdorable they are equally mischievous! 

Sometimes, we look at the glass half full, and choose to view our cats as artists instead of trouble makers much like twitter user Emily Bernstein! Emily hilariously labeled her cat’s destruction of a roll of toilet paper as “art” inspiring others to do the same and send in their own renditions! Let’s check out this hilarious thread.