Twitter Thread Discovering An Animal Whose Mouth Is Longer Than A Whole Human: Viral Tweets

Twitter is insane. Everyone knows that. But there’s a reason that we cannot seem to stop using it. One of the main reasons we’re still on there is because we love – we love – how excited twitter gets when they discover a new animal. It is the funniest thing ever every single time it happens. Like when twitter discovered silky anteaters and absolutely lost it, or when twitter discovered the real but mildly terrifying gerenuk and realized just why this animal is associated with the devil, or when twitter decided that mouse-deers look like badly drawn dogs and couldn’t handle the comparison.

Animal twitter is one of our favorite places online actually because of it. And today, our need to stay on has been reaffirmed yet again because twitter has discovered yet another new animal. This time, it is one of the biggest and scariest animals ever – from both present and past – it is the Hatzegopteryx.