Watch: Suspect Pulls Rifle on Officer Before being Shot

*Viewer discretion advised*

Body cam video for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, shows the moment when a Douglas officer was attacked by a suspect holding a rifle.

The officer identified as Brad Proulx was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect, Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, jumped out of the vehicle brandishing a gun.

In the video Proulx is seen going to the passenger side of the vehicle but then makes his way around the back of the vehicle when he notices the suspect getting out of the car. Once Proulx gets to the side of the victim the suspect suddenly appears holding a rifle as he faces the officer.

Proulx immediately fires his weapon and the suspect takes off running. Proulx fires his weapon once more striking the suspect who falls to then falls to the ground. Proulx continues to give orders to the suspect while calling for back up.

When back-up arrived to the scene Rivas-Maestas was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Once released from the hospital, he will face several assault charges.

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