Weird Animal Meme Roundup: The Weirder The Better

Here at I Can Has Cheezburger we post a whole lotta dog and cat memes, whether it’s 21 doggo memes that will keep you laughing for hours, or pawsome cat memes that we post every Caturday and half way to Caturday. But we have a real soft spot in our hearts for the weird animals, the Gerenuks of the world (picture a combination of a giraffe and a gazelle) that get a little bit less attention on the interwebz. After all, not everyone can be the capybara of the animal world, some animals need to keep a low profile.

If you love weird and wacky animals as much as we do then you’ll love this epic animal meme roundup. You might just learn a little bit about some under appreciated animals, although you’ll probably do a whole lot more laughing than learning at these funny animal memes. So without further ado, we really hope you enjoy!