Weird Yet Intelligent Cats Teaching Themselves To Use The Human Toilet (Reddit Thread)

Every cat is beautifully unique. Some cats… are really, really dumb. And we love them for that. We love the way that they blankly stare at wall for hours on end or the way that they run straight into the window in a sad attempt to catch the bird that is outside of it. We love that. And then, other cats are very intelligent. And for those of us who own these kinds of cats, it’s a point to brag about. “Yes, actually, my cat is incredibly smart,” we say smugly. While in reality, having a smart cat living in your house is not all that easy. 

Intelligent cats sometimes even outsmart their humans. Other times, our smart cats manage to trick us into doing exactly what they want, and we don’t notice until we’ve already done it. We’re used to them using their intelligence… against us, pretty much. Tricking us, outsmarting us, plotting against us. So, when we saw this thread go viral on reddit, of cats who taught themselves how to use the toilet – i.e. something useful to us – we were… befuddled, and we absolutely had to show you guys too.