Weirdly Cool And Slightly Uncomfortable Animal Facts (15 Facts)

We’ve actually never heard of these really bizarre, but some really cool, animal facts! 

Crazy how much we actually don’t know about anything. Weird Facts is here to help fix that a bit by providing just the weirdest facts that you probably would be better off not ever knowing. Most of them, anyway. Some facts are just downright cool. 

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Food - Oysters make pearls so they can feel better. When a grain of sand or debris gets stuck in their bodies, they ease the pain and irritation by coating it with multiple layers of nacre, the mineral that lines the inside of their shells, and pearl begins to form. Basically, pearls are like blisters, only much prettier. @factsweird


Bird - Japan had issues with crow nests on electric infrastructure, so they went and destroyed all of the nests, which prompted the local crow population to just build more nests, far in excess to what they actually needed. @factsweird


Terrestrial animal - Male kangaroos often make poses to show off their bicep muscles to females. @factsweird


Sky - A cat in New Zealand tricked two different women into owning him. Neither knew they had the same cat until after he went to the vet for stitches. The cat got to keep both names as well as both owners through a shared custody agreement. @factsweird


Mammal - In 2017, a dog named Odin refused to leave his flock of goats behind during the California Tubbs Fire as his owners fled to safety. Days later, the owners came back to their property to find Odin survived and managed to keep all the goats alive. Photo courtesy of Roland Tembo Hendel / Facebook @factsweird


Bird - A Polish environmental charity put a SIM card in a GPS tracker to follow the migratory pattern of a white stork. They lost track of the stork and later received a phone bill for $2,700; someone in Sudan had taken the SIM from the tracker and made over 20 hours of calls. @factsweird


Reptile - British India tried to get rid of cobras by offering a reward for captured snakes. Locals started breeding cobras and giving them to the government to collect the reward. The British found out and stopped the program. The breeders then released their snakes causing the population to increase. Photo courtesy of Kamalnv/wikipedia @factsweird


Insect - The Jewel Wasp injects a drug into a cockroach's brain, turns it into a zombie, rides it like horseback to its burrow, and then lets its hatched larvae feed on the cockroaches body from the inside. Photo courtesy of Entomological Society of America/Youtube


Marine mammal - Pufferfish release a toxin when they puff out that is meant to impair the attacker, so they can safely escape. Ironically, this doesn't work on dolphins in the same way and actually gets them high. So, the dolphins purposely inflate them and pass them around to their dolphin friends for fun. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel / BBC via @factsweird


Bird - The Peregrine Falcon hunts by diving at over 200 mph straight down, and killing its prey on impact with a balled foot. It kills other birds with a literal falcon punch. Photo courtesy of Roy W. Lowe / usfwshq / flickr @factsweird


Killer whale - There are no recorded fatal attacks of wild Orcas on humans. In 2005 a 12 yr old boy in Alaska was bumped by a killer whale while splashing in 4 ft of water. The boy was likely mistaken for a seal, and the bump was an aborted attack once the whale realized the mistake. @factsweird


Goat - Goats prefer happy people. They can differentiate between human facial expressions and prefer to interact with happy people. @factsweird


Terrestrial animal - Panthers are not a real species, they are jaguars and leopards who have melanism, which is the opposite of albinism. @factsweird


Bird - Nigel, the parrot, vanished from his British owner's house in 2010 and was presumed dead or gone until he randomly showed up four years later. Nobody knows where he went, but he came back speaking only Spanish and talking about some guy named Larry. @factsweird


Fish - There is a fish that when eaten causes severe hallucinations lasting up to 36 hours. It was a party drug during the Roman Empire. Photo courtesy of Brian Gratwicke / wikipedia @factsweird

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