14 thoughts on “Who Is The Shooter?

  1. At first look they are not the same person. However…look at yourself in the mirror, look at your nostrils, and then smile. The bottom of your nose always widens, so one cannot go by the nose.
    Both of “his” right ears are a little lower than the left. The ‘adams apple’ both have a distinctive ‘point’.
    The distance from his R pupil to the center of the bridge of their nose, are both wider than the distance from their L pupil to the center.
    I would have to say the probability is, they are both the same person.

  2. That is ABSOLUTELY the same person. You need to start talking about another topic and let these people get on with their lives. I am not going to listen anymore because it sounds, to me, like you are obsessed about this and all you are really doing is speculating. It’s the same guy, he did it….end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • WOW Easy Nancy. What if it’s not? You could have an innocent, although apparently mentally disturbed person sitting in jail charged with 24 counts of Murder, while the actual shoot is walking free. Just saying.. What’s wrong with being sure?

    • That’s just the way the photo came out. It’s obvious he has light eyes. His face is oval and his ears are the same in both pics. He’s the right guy. No doubts in my mind.

  3. At first look it DOES look like the same guy. However, Looking closer, and hearing the witnesses say that A, the shooter was wearing blue plaid. B, someone let the shooter in. C, he reloaded like he was or is ex military, which the kook in custody is not, I’m not so sure. I would rather be one hundred percent sure, before we convict someone to possibly the Death Penalty.

  4. I really think there is a mysterious part to this story we dont know about but I am with you rich I dont think they are the same person but what interest me the most behind all this is the motive of why or what is this 2nd character trying to do by stealing the college students identity

  5. Well he looks different in both pictures. The one on the right, he looks like something took over his body and had no soul……….but, the one on the left he looks normal, but creepy. Something was starting to go wrong in that one.

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