Wild Dolphin And Dog Play Together In The Water (Video)

One of out favorite things in the world is unlikely interspecies relationships, so unlikely and so beautiful. We’ve seen many of those in pictures before, but to see one in video is always an absolute treat. 

This adorable doggo named Zyzz hangs out with his owners on the boat all the time, to the point that they consider Zyzz part of the crew. And he loves swimming. The owners say that they never pushed him toward it, he just always felt the pull of the water and is always eager to jump in. Surprise, surprise, another creature is living in the water – an adorable dolphin that the boat crew calls Jojo. 

The dog and dolphin get along like best buds, and you can tell that they really enjoy each other. Zyzz is always excited about Jojo, sometimes dipping his head in the water to try to see better what’s going on, and Jojo sometimes splashes Zyzz with its tail. Their relationship is one of the most wholesome we’ve seen in a while. 

Submitted by: (via The Dodo)

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