Woman nearly loses top lip after injection at ‘botox party’

In late August, a ‘botox party” which is an event that offers cheap beauty treatments as you relax with friends ended horribly wrong for a British woman.

Rachael Knappier suffered extreme swelling to her lips after having filler injected by a beautician who reportedly wasn’t trained.

The beautician injected the filler into an artery, which caused her lips to swell massively.

The complications from the botched cosmetic procedure were so severe the 29-year-old lawyer almost lost her top lip.

Following the party, Knappier received an emergency lip dissolving treatment, and within 72 hours the swelling began to subside.

Three months later the British woman whose lips are almost ‘back to normal” shared her story.

Doctors say her story should serve as a warning to others.


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