Woman Raised Her Cat Like A Dog (Video)

HI friends, how’s your weekend going? If you’ve ever wondered what we here at I Can Has Cheezburger think about before we go to bed, it’s how absolutely awwdorable cats and dogs are. So imagine a kitty cat who acts half like a cat, and half like a dog. That’s exactly where Birdie the cat comes in. Now, Birdie was adopted, and like we always say, adoption can truly change the life of an abandoned dog or cat. Birdie also adds a lot to her owner’s life every day.

If you’d like to watch a hefty dose of cuteness to kickstart your day, then we have an incredible video right here about Birdie’s story. So get cozy on your couch, purr-haps gather your cats or dogs near, and get ready to watch the story of this super awwdorable kitty cat just being her awwdorable half cat and half dog self. We guarantee that you will feel just a teeny tiny bit light once you’re done watching this extremely cute video of kitty goodness.