Woman Requests Money From Her Ex Boyfriend To Pay For Cat: Internet Weighs In

Breakups can be tough, especially when you shared a pet with another person. Whether it’s arguing over who is going to take care of your pets after the breakup, or resenting your ex significant other for pressuring you about the pets, there are sadly many opportunities for things to go awry during this stage of the breakup, especially if there are hard feelings about who got to keep the cat or dog after the breakup. 

In this case, the woman who got to keep the pet cat took the cat to the vet recently and asked her ex boyfriend if would chip in a little bit for the medical bills. He did, but told her that it would be the last time he chipped in for their former pet, which definitely didn’t get the reaction that he wanted… Could it be that perhaps this man’s ex is trying to send him messages through the cat? Confused, the man asked netizens on Reddit what they thought, and their responses were quite dramatic, because people sure did have a lot to say… Take a look below and see for yourself: