Woman with Runny Nose Finds She’s Actually Leaking Brain Fluid

A woman who believed her runny nose was due to severe allergies has learned that she was actually experiencing a brain fluid leak.

Kendra Jackson recently spoke to KETV about the condition that seriously impacted her life for several years.

Jackson told the news source that she began experiencing the symptoms just after she was involved in a car crash in 2013 where she hit her head.

At some point after she began been coughing, sneezing and constantly had to blow her nose.

“Everywhere I went I always had a box of Puffs, always stuffed in my pocket,” she said. “[It was] like a waterfall, continuously, and then it would run to the back of my throat.”

Jackson said she visited several doctors and each one of them told her she was suffering from severe allergies. It wasn’t until she was examined by doctors at Nebraska Medicine that she learned her symptoms were actually due to a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

Doctors told Jackson that she was losing nearly a half-pint of brain fluid from her nose each day. Since the diagnoses doctors have been able to fix the problem and expect Jackson to make a full recovery.

“I don’t have to carry around the tissue anymore, and I’m getting some sleep,” Jackson said.

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