World's Worst Cat: A Thread (25 Tweets)

Cats are unusual animals, one moment they can be cuddly and sweet, and the next moment you can find a poop nugget in your bed. 

What gives? We give them food, water, shelter, attention, and most of all, love. So why are some cats repaying us in such a mean and annoying way? Welcome to ‘World’s Worst Cat’! A Twitter thread started by @_cingraham when he shared the fact that his cat has been waking up their toddler in a means to wake up the household. Pretty darn evil… and genius. But mostly evil. 

Now, we want to hear from you! What things have your cats done that would qualify them for ‘World’s Worst Cat’?


Cat - Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham The World's Worst Cat has discovered that he can wake the big people up by barging into the toddler's room at 6 AM and waking *him* up.


Text - Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham Replying to @_cingraham He literally throws himself against the door until it flies open. The pounding terrifies the 2 year old, who starts screaming. Then once we're up the cat goes tear-assing through the house because he knows if we catch him we'll toss him outside.


Room - Lisa Marie Akin @LissaMarie630 Replying to @_cingraham Meet Mario. He's an evil genius. We've had to install child safety locks on all the doors because he figured out how to open the doors and let himself and all the other indoor only cats out. His new trick is to turn the water on at every sink while we sleep. He is why I drink.


Ashley Holt @HoltAshleyN Replying to @_cingraham Oh, are we talking about the world's worst cat? Meet Chandler.


Text - Resting Political Face @SimbaCav Replying to @_cingraham When cat was much younger, my boyfriend at the time didn't want him in the bed when he stayed over. So in the middle of the night the cat would go under the blankets, find his feet, bite him and run away. I though it was fair, it was the cat's bed first.


Cat - Lauren Dernavich @LaurenDernavich Replying to @_cingraham I have a great cat. If my husband and I have a big argument she goes and pees in his laundry. I should prolly tell her bad cat but honestly would any of you stop this from happening???


Text - Kate Friedman Siegel O @kateesiegel Replying to @_cingraham Every day @ 4 am Aaron Purr reaches up & repeatedly bangs the large painting above our bed. When that doesn't work, he sits on top of the nightstand, looks my fiancé directly in the eye & pushes all of his personal belongings (phone, glasses etc) to the floor until he's fed. 1/2


Text - Kate Friedman Siegel @kateesiegel Replying to @kateesiegel @_cingraham Other 4 am tactics include walking in circles on top of his sleeping human, pulling on his human's hair with his teeth, and sticking his nose directly into his human's mouth and breathing like a goddamn serial killer.1/2


Cat - John Pearson @chefjohnpearson Replying to @_cingraham My horrible boy climbs the door frame in the dead of night and dive bombs my groin like a pro wrestler


Text - W.Arthur Lewis @TheCoachMcGuirk Replying to @_cingraham My old orange tabby Sam figured out if he pushed the glowing button on the power supply while I was playing Xbox live, I'd immediately start chasing him around the house


Cat - @lenakins Replying to @_cingraham Thing. He runs around the house at 3 am like a psycho & jump kicks my door & walls. Eats the plants just to throw them up. NEEDS doors to be wide open for no reason. Also tells on me when I come home late or am outside for too long, talks to much. He also falls off everything.


Cat - Heather Small @bigsmallfamily Replying to @_cingraham Does this look like the face of someone who would lock me out of my house? why yes! It does! Looked me dead in the eye as she flipped the latch on my patio door. CKS eFOR


Cat - Esther Ciammachilli @EstherCinDC Replying to @_cingraham This sweet looking feline is the reason our friends were too scared to come over to our house for several years. She drew them in and then drew blood when they were within reach. Now she's old and the fight in her has dwindled to a mere cold stare.


Text - Joseph Nobles @BoloBoffin Replying to @_cingraham @bjdickmayhew When my mama cat is hungry and I'm in bed, she sidles up and thumps her tail on me, getting the kitten to attack it and me.


Cat - new year same lano @AlanaHolly16 Replying to @_cingraham my evil cat just stares at me like this until i get up and feed him


Cat - Karen @bubbasbestbabe Replying to @_cingraham This is Chewy. I shouldn't have named him that. He has found that my CPAP hose makes a wonderful toy. I have pinholes all through it. I'm going to die from lack of air due to that cat.


Cat - Peace Walker @PeaceWalker2084 Replying to @_cingraham This is Chuck. He just cries to wake me up to feed him. He has a sweet little cry so it breaks my heart more than annoys me.


Cat - Cheekybellel @RealCheekybelle Replying to @_cingraham World's worst cat? Harley: "Hold my beer..." - ripped my shower curtain liner in half - pic #1 ripped my cool paper blinds off the window - pic #2 chewed up my Wii cord chewed up all of my ear buds He's 6 months old.


Cat - Jessica @OohLaCLE Replying to @_cingraham Mine strategically places objects on herself for comfort, and then I can't move them because I don't want to disturb her but honestly, how does this work? STEPHEN EMASTER STOEYMUIR SALEMS LOT


Text - Lisa Clare @lclareuk Replying to @_cingraham My big cat: pressing my nose like it's a doorbell, 'fishhooking' a nostril with a single claw, clubbing me with her tail, putting her whole paw in my mouth and when all else fails sits in the doorway making a honking "ha!" noise. She rules.


Cat - Cabbage @ThatCabbageKid Replying to @_cingraham Worst cat award would have to go to this guy, who smashed our tv because he didn't get a second breakfast...


Text - DesertWolfPS @DesertWolfPS Replying to @_cingraham Mine jumps on top of me at 5:30 every morning & starts kneading his paws. He was a rescued feral, so at first I thought it was "cute". I created a loveable monster.


Cat - This cat needs food. Give him all the food. @MissRiblet Replying to @_cingraham My world's worst cat would like a moment of your time. I haven't slept a full night in bed for over a year.


Property - ns VOTE CVOTE CVOTE C IS ABOVE HE LA @LouiseMorett Replying to @_cingraham Sorry, I have the world's worst cat... .Horrible Henry is so bad he spends each night sleeping in his bachelor pad (aka the car) in the garage This is what he got up the other day, he attacked a bag of sunflower seeds then knocked over my cup of coffee.


Text - Don Van Deusen @don_deusen Repiying to @_cingraham @DesertWolfPS My cat claws the bedclothes at 6:00 until I tell her to stop. Then she just moves to the foot of the bed and claws harder and faster where I can't reach her.

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