Your Dog Can Now Experience The RV Lifestyle With These Camping Trailer Beds

Camping Trailer Dog Beds | different sizes trailers on wheels in white blue and yellow stripes cage doors food and water bowls traveling with pets outdoors camping nature | puppy on board

Just like many humans, dogs love the life on wheels, on the open road. 

Now you can let your dog fulfill his dream.

Well, almost. 

Although these canine campers have a set of wheels like a real camper trailer, they are not intended to be hauled on the road. It may look like a mini version of the real thing but this is essentially just a dog bed. These beds, handmade of cedarwood and stainless steel, can be used either indoors or outdoors. Since it has wheels, you can easily drag it around and place it anywhere you wish. 

The total look and design remind the vintage retro camper trailers that were popular in the 60s. Plus, it comes in three different sizes with corresponding colors. The trailer bed includes two stainless steel food and water bowls on its elevated porch which is protected by an extended area of the roof. For an additional ‘cute’ factor, the front window also has a window box to complete the elegant exterior design.

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